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Ayukawa Children's Clinic

The summer holidays in August

August 19 to 24 will be closed

Consultation hours

General medicine

   8:30〜12:00 am (Mon〜Sat)
   3:00〜6:00 pm (Mon〜Wed, Fri)

Health checkup for infants

   2:00〜3:00 pm (Mon〜Wed, Fri)

   1:00〜3:00 pm (Sat)


   8:30〜12:00 am (Mon〜Sat)
   2:00〜6:00 pm (Mon〜Wed, Fri)
   1:00〜3:00 pm (Sat)

Reservation is not required.

Hiroshi AYUKAWA, M.D.

Board Certified Pediatrician

 (Japan Pediatric Society)

Graduated from Yamaguchi University (1991)


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Location : 1439-15, Hirai, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi-ken, Japan (Postal codes 753-0831)

Phone 083-924-1234

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